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Meeting wonderful people

The past few months have been hectic! I apologize for not putting too much content up here but as I just recently told one student, the classes are all basically structured the same as far as briefings and flying to keep everything standardized, so when it comes to posting updates, the classes are almost a lather, rinse, repeat and I don’t have too much to share.

After a little more thought about the drone training, it led me to start to think about the people that come through the course; you, the students. Those are really what has the most impact on my day to day lives, and it really is a pleasure and an honor to teach each of you in the course. At AviSight, we have put a lot of work with our different course instructors into making sure you have received the most top notch instruction, especially in a brand new world of aviation for most. We get people from all over the country, all walks of life, and all different career fields, with a commonality, to learn to fly drones legally and safely under current FAA Regulations.

Just this past class, we taught a magazine editor that wants to use drones for their own magazine; a few government public servants that want to introduce drones into their day to day operations, and lastly a cinematographer that wants to use drone footage for their productions. The class before, we had two Army soldiers that work as combat photographers, that want to use drones to enhance their jobs and showcase things that have never before been seen. This right here, this is the reason we do this stuff, to have an impact on each and every individual to go forward and do great things in aviation. We thank you for putting the trust in us to provide you a solid product, with our years of experience lending insight into the industry and helping you make the right decisions.

Once again, to all students, past, present and future… Thank you!

Lastly, our next training classes coming up in May will be May 13 to May 14 for a 2-day Part 107 class and then we will have both a 2-day Part 107 Drone Class and a 4-day Drone Master training class at the end of May, from the 27th to the 30th.

part 107 drone training las vegas

AviSight Drone Academy announces Drone Classes surrounding National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas.

AviSight Drone Academy announces Drone Classes surrounding National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV – AviSight, the nation’s premier drone services company, has announced its upcoming AviSight Drone Academy training classes before and after the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, NV. The course instructors have first-hand experience of setting some monumental firsts in the news, TV and film industry with drones.
The next courses will take place April 19-22 and April 28-May 1 in Las Vegas.

The course includes modules on current regulations, airspace requirements, flight operations, maintenance, sensors, power systems, and all other aspects of drone operations. Classes range from 2 to 4 day courses.

The 2-Day Course is for the Professional/Small Business operator looking to take the FAA Part 107 exam and focuses on airspace regulations, aeronautical charts, weather, Part 107 regulations, and much more.

The 4-Day Course is for those who wish to become a Drone Master. Both the Professional and Drone Master courses focus on FAA Part 107 regulations. The 4-day course goes beyond the Part 107 preparation and has additional modules on cinematography, LiPO batteries, and wireless transmission. The 4-day course also has hands-on flight training teaching different flight maneuvers.
“This is a great opportunity for those wanting to learn this exciting new industry from the best in the business, said Lt. Colonel (Ret.) James Fleitz, Co-Founder of AviSight. “Knowing FAA rules is critical and we make sure our students understand those rules, along with the mechanics of flight,” he added.

The expert AviSight Drone Academy staff includes professionals with diverse backgrounds that include television news professionals, film industry experts, public safety experts, and pioneers of military drone operations. When students complete the course, they will receive an official AviSight Drone Academy certificate.
Go to AviSightDroneAcademy.com for more information.

Our Clients

We have had a wonderful few months of training with some great success stories from our students. We have had the pleasure of training the City of Whittier in California and their Emergency Management folks on drone operations. In the same class, we had the pleasure of also teaching the City of Downey Fire Department. We’ve had some Department of Forestry workers recently in the course and they have given us wonderful reviews on our course material and delivery, telling us that if everybody learned from our course they wouldn’t have anything to worry about when dealing with the general public and drones.

We thank each and every one of you that have come through our course and hope you use the knowledge to go and do great things with drones. It is a testament to the hard work we have put into the course to see you successful. Our traveling road shows continue to pickup as we host a local course in Las Vegas first and then travel out to the University of Louisiana and teach faculty and staff, along with other students/public drone operations in LaFayette, Louisiana.

We welcome the travel courses and understand it can sometimes be hard to travel with a group of individuals to Las Vegas, so if you are a city municipality, fire department, police department, news organization, university or company looking to get drone training to come to your location, then look no further at what is described as the best drone academy in the United States. nextstopis

Voted one of the best in the nation

It really has been long nights and even longer days driving the drone industry and competing to be the best out there as both a service provider and a training entity, so it goes without saying that it really is great to hear that an article was written calling you the Best Drone Training in the nation. http://www.eventsandtradeshows.com/author/n-phillip-jackson/

It really makes you feel like that hard work was all worth it every time you read an article like that, or see that another one of your students has passed their Part 107 test or even gone on to do incredible things in the drone industry.

A lot of people question the cost of the training course, and I don’t disagree that compared to some of the other offerings out there, we are on the higher end of the scale. This is something we definitely took into account when we designed our course as we did not want to be the most expensive (and thankfully we are nowhere close), but we didn’t want to cheapen the brand and the value to the students. We strive to be the best and offer the best and unfortunately that comes with a little premium to make sure you, the student, are taken care of to the highest degree, not just during the class, but moving forward in the future as well. Our instructors always keep in touch with the students, whether through our Alumni Page, or in direct contact as long lasting friendships.

As an instructor, I have kept in contact with all my students, even having dinner with some of them if I have had the fortunate experience to travel through their hometown. The lessons and the learning never stop, not even for us, so as we learn new things, we make sure you learn those things as well. The industry is ever evolving and I believe the networking and personal relationships we form with people are the keystone to our success, while never sacrificing SAFE and LEGAL flying.

I’ll now leave you with some uplifting music, “You Can Make It If You Try”

A thank you

AviSight Drone Academy has many partners within the drone / unmanned systems industry and is always excited when new people from large organizations come to vet your course material. We live and breath drones in our everyday life, so it is a good testament to our credibility in what we do on a daily basis when we get the gold seal of approval from large organizations. Last month, we had a few special students there to vet our course for the rest of their organization, one being the US Forest Service and another being a major university in the United States. Both gave rave reviews and our course is making ripples within the community preparing students for Part 107 regulations / testing in August.

The reason I am mentioning this is because today we received a special thank you card from that large university (I can release the name shortly once we move forward with a partnership agreement), but the card read:

“Thank you for the opportunity of attending the master drone class! I had a great time and enjoyed getting to know you and your team. I was extremely impressed with your team, company, and expertise in this industry. We are all excited about the possibility of working with AviSight and look forward to the future! Best Regards (name withheld)”

It’s special gestures like this that make us feel like we are really doing something great for the industry. AviSight itself was a services based company only, working in the entertainment industry of film and television, industrial survey etc. but we felt there was a great gap in the training offered in the marketplace, with a lot of the training facilities not focusing on the SAFE and LEGAL side of flying, but instead putting most of their stock into showing students how to fly different cinematic shots.

Because we are a team of aviators, whether commercially or prior Air Force, we understand the importance of both flying safely but also under all FAA regulations and stress that in the course. We also teach some of the cinematic shots during our 4-day master course as well, but the primary focus is an understanding of the legal side of drone flying, including current regulations of Part 107, airspace considerations, pre-flight checks and many other areas that will be on the Part 107 knowledge test in August.

Without rambling too much longer, to our great students and to our future students, we thank you for putting the faith in our program moving forward with your own drone businesses and hope to help you every step of the way. It’s little gestures like the card sent to us that make us proud to have our students part of the AviSight family.


Part 107… Part 107 Training… It’s finally here!

So, we’ve all been waiting for years to finally usher in new rules for commercial drone flight and that day finally came! On June 21st, the new rules were passed by the rules committee and published by the FAA. These new Part 107 rules will change the landscape of aviation for everyone, both manned and unmanned flight operations. Part 107 allows non-aviators to take a knowledge test and obtain an unmanned certificate to fly drones commercially. As you know, this opens the skies to potentially millions of new aviators.

AviSight Drone Academy has been working closely with the FAA to prepare ourselves for these new regulations. It has been a whirlwind of fun the past few weeks. We just concluded our first Part 107 focused course last week and it was met with great acclaim. We invited some other organizations to sit in on the course as well to validate our successes in this new focused course and they were wildly amazed; including a 25+ year veteran of the FAA that said if he could would give us “three thumbs up”. A lot of hard work has been put in by our team, especially our course designer Gary Buzel, a very well known name in the industry (holding FAA certs in ATP, CFI, CFI-I, GFI); he really is TOP NOTCH.

We offer two different courses aimed at commercial success, one is a 2-day Part 107 course that covers the basics of the FAA regulations and teaches you what you need to know for the exam in August; while the other is a 4-day drone master course that covers many things outside of just the Part 107 that will aid you in your business creation, such as a course on cinematography (taught by a Hollywood film maker) and an extensive course on Lipo battery hazards, utilization and understanding, among many other things.

Both courses teach airspace, weather updates, pre-flight inspection, all items that will appear on the knowledge test by the FAA. We also compliment our course with actual flying, inside the SouthPoint Arena, learning different moves, practical application and precision flying.

It truly was a great week, and I look forward to future classes with students with huge aspirations. It is our duty to progress this industry in the right direction and make sure people out there are flying both safe and legal. Until next time!IMG_1687

How Drone Training can help you?

A lot of people ask about drones, the buzzword for today’s technology of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Each and every day a new use is thought up about an innovative way to incorporate drones and how it can make our lives easier. In today’s world, drones can have a positive impact on a multitude of different industries.

Drones are currently being used in the television and film industry as a more cost effective alternative to helicopters; and even getting shots that helicopters just don’t have the ability to get. In the news industry, they are referred to as “the great equalizer” in markets. In the past, only a select few stations could afford to have a helicopter, and some have even had helicopters, only to get rid of them due to cost cutting and budget reductions. Drones level the playing field for smaller news markets, or even just smaller stations and allows them to compete and get aerial shots they would’ve otherwise not been able to get or afford.

Real Estate agents have had an eye on drones for a while, nothing captures the entire property as well as an aerial shot, being able to highlight the yard layout, or even the view the house may have. Using a drone could be the difference maker between the house selling or sitting.

Construction companies have found ways to use drones to showcase the progress of their projects, conduct advanced data analysis of their piles for volumetric calculations and even safety inspections as needed.

The list can go on and on with almost every industry either already using drones, or wanting to use drones in the near term. The two things that stand in the way is how to do it legally, and how to do it safely.

The FAA has recently passed along their recommendations for the new small UAS rules, called Part 107. This will alleviate some of the restrictions in place for drone operators. One of the most important thing will allow non-pilots to become certified to fly a drone through Part 107 certification. This is very important because right now, in order to fly a drone commercially, a business needs to hold a 333 exemption (approximately 6 months wait time with the FAA) and the individual operating the drone needs to be a qualified pilot on a manned aircraft, a huge requirement for smaller drone businesses or those looking to augment their current business with a drone (like a real estate agent).

This summer should change all that with the release of Part 107 officially, and that’s where AviSight Drone Academy comes in, training specific to Part 107 standards for certification to get you flying legally and safely and ready to pioneer the drone business and take it to new heights (pun intended).

Our drone training course was broken down into a few different offerings, because we know not everyone wants to train for the commercial venture. Our 1-day beginner course is aimed at the recreational pilot; those that haven’t flown a drone in the past or just started flying. The focus of the 1-day course ($499) is recreational use, flying on vacations, flying your local parks, but also with an understanding of where and when you can fly, important for all enthusiasts putting a drone in the sky.

Our 2-day course ($899) is aimed at the professional user, those that want to augment their business with a drone, or those that are looking to begin their own drone service company themselves. This course is aimed at the Part 107 rulings and will offer a certificate of completion along with certification with the FAA as that opens up. Additionally, completing this course will help to tie you into a professional network of drone operators and even insurance companies that can offer cheaper insurance for those that have completed this training course.

Our 4-day course ($1599) is for the true Drone Master, looking to know as much as they can about drones and drone flying, even well beyond the Part 107 requirements, including specific tools of the trade and insider information that is not taught in traditional schools.  Our 4-day class will truly prepare you to start your own drone services based business. While the focus is for those starting their own business, our 4-day class accommodates all personnel looking to be masters within the field.

Our next class is at the end of June, from June 28 to July 1st. Call us at 877-570-5541 or email us info@vegasdroneacademy.com

Drone Training

We just finished up our April drone course! Our next course offerings are at the end of June (June 28 to July 1) with our 1 day, 2 day and 4 day programs running throughout that week. Everything is on the verge of changing with regulations, with the FAA having released potential new Part 107 regulations for review, we could very well be flying under new rules by the summer.

Now is the time to focus on training, learning safe flying practices and finding out what it takes to be “officially certified” by the FAA. There is no better time than right now for Drone Training to either start your own business, or to augment your capabilities with drones. The ideas will continue to grow as more and more drones are used to supplement what once was a more difficult job to do, whether in inspection, agriculture, television / movies, the list goes on and on. Expect more posts out of our newly created drone blog.