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We are a full scope Drone Academy headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have been working unmanned systems for almost two decades in the Air Force and commercial world and have imbued that experience in this world class training course. Email us at or call us toll-free at 877-570-5541

AviSight is out there trailblazing drone operations of tomorrow and our pilots have flown for FoxNews, FoxSports, CBS Sports, Disney and Discovery Channel! Let us transfer true operational knowledge and show you why we are one of the top rated drone training schools in the nation!

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A to Z Training

Our course covers everything you need to start your own drone business, from legal parameters with the FAA through full flight operations and certification.

Part 107 training

New Part 107 regulations are HERE and trained in our fast paced 2-day course and our 4-day drone master course. This course prepares you for the written knowledge exam by the FAA and opens the skies like never before to new drone operators. Our training is top notch and one of the best Part 107 drone training in the country! Classes are filling up fast for Part 107, so enroll now…

Multiple Training Options

We offer a few different training options: a 2-day course for the more serious business minded individual looking to get FAA Part 107 Certified, and finally a comprehensive 4-day course for those looking to be drone masters in all aspects of drone aviation. There is much more to flying a drone than just picking up a controller and we are committed to offering one of the most in depth all aspect classes in the nation.

Continued Support

Your Success is our Success, and it doesn’t just end at course completion. We are committed to staying on top of the latest technologies, completing top-off training at reduced cost and keeping you in the know on emerging rules and regulations. We also work closely with national insurance agencies to help you get reduced rates by attending our training course.

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We may not know exactly how commercial drones will be used in the future, but we can guarantee they will be used in almost every industry. Now is the best time to embrace this technology!

James Fleitz - Lt. Col (Ret) US Air Force

Our Service

Our combined Air Force experience of almost a century, along with thousands of hours of unmanned operations in foreign countries showcases the dedication to this technology, along with safe and practical flight operations. We strive for greatness everyday, and that greatness translates to safe and efficient flight operations for your emerging commercial drone uses.

Structured Ground Training

Knowledge is everything when it comes to safe flight practices and understanding each component of operation. A drone is a tool for a job, but at the end of the day, it is still an aircraft and needs to be taken as serious as any other flight operation. Rigorous ground training modules start the course off in the right direction.

Extensive Hands-On Training

Our retired Air Force UAV pilots will step you through a comprehensive hands-on flight training modeled after pre-existing FAA manned aircraft standards reshaped for the drone community. Our pilots work very closely with the FAA to mirror emerging FAA requirements and standards to ensure you are getting world class training that matters.

Part 107 Preparation Training

Part 107 was officially announced in June 2016, ushering in a new era for the drone operator, allowing non pilots to obtain a certificate to fly drones commercially. August 2016 will start the first official written exam for drone aviators. Our course is designed to get you up to speed on all aspects of Part 107 knowledge and prepare you to test and pass the first time! Learn about airspace, flight restrictions, weather briefings, pre-flight checks and other extremely important functions that will appear on the FAA exam; while also leaning to fly your drone with precision, inside the SouthPoint Arena!

Drone Network Support

Completing this world class training will earn a mark of excellence in the industry. Additionally, we will support your efforts and assist with job placement as needed, knowing that your training level exceeds the industry standard.


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